Indian Ocean tsunami: survivors' stories of Nazaruddin Musa

I was at a great fishing spot in Krueng Cut village when I felt the earthquake. I wasn’t worried but I thought I should check on my family. I arrived home about 15 minutes later and my wife and son were fine so I was thinking about driving around town to look at the damage from the earthquake. At that time I could never have imagined the tsunami. But minutes later I saw the water coming towards us, it was washing up houses and gathering speed. I grabbed my son and my wife and we ran. There was a huge wall behind our house and we only just managed to scale it in time. It was a life or death moment because the water was right behind us. We ran to a two-storey building, and the next moment I saw the first wave take hundreds of people. I ran down and picked up a small girl lying on the ground and took her up to the second floor. Then the second wave hit. After the first wave I could see the dead and injured but the second wave was devastating, it just swept everything away.


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